Development Blog #5: New Get the Games Features!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our fifth Get the Games development blog. During June, we started our early access program and implemented some new features that are perfect for developers.

Read about all the new features we’ve implemented since starting early access:


Developers can now see the number of visitors and views for each game! This will make it easy to see when your games are being viewed and keep track of changes over time.

Here’s a peek at how the analytics page looks and what information you can expect:

Analytics for the visual novel Not It: Spookiest Edition

Press Kits

Get the Games has also added free press kits so developers can make it easier for press outlets to cover their games! These new press kit pages give developers a simple, organized page that includes all of the critical information about their game and studio which they can include in their media outreach.

As game developers who also run a game press site, we understand the importance of press kits for developers and how they make outreach and getting coverage easier.

Click here to see an example press kit!

Distribution Prices

Each game can now specify a different price for each distribution platform. This will enable developers to help their players make informed decisions regarding which platform they’d like to purchase games from.

Distribution Prices for the visual novel Not It: Spookiest Edition.


Credits can now be added to each game! Credit team members by writing out their roles, names, and an optional email. Those credits will then be featured on both the game page and in the press kits. In the future, we’ll be using anonymized versions of the email addresses to allow players to search for all of the games that the team member has contributed to.

Credits for the visual novel Not It: Spookiest Edition.

Thank you so much for reading our fifth monthly development blog for Get the Games! Be sure to follow us on Twitter to see our weekly updates and progress on developing Get the Games!

If you’re interested in joining our closed early access, you can DM us directly on Twitter and we can get you set up!