Development Post #1: Getting Started on Get the Games

Hello everyone!

We are Waddling Technology, and we’re creating Get the Games. Get the Games is a service designed to help developers promote their games and help players find their new favorites.

As game developers ourselves, we understand the struggle of having multiple platforms and storefronts, and platforms don’t allow you to promote other storefronts. Get the Games is where we’re hoping to simplify that.

Developers will have a central studio location to share all their social media accounts, games, and details about their studio. Players will have an intricate search function to find games they want to play on the various platforms developers have them available.

Get the Games won’t be monetized through any of the platforms, so we will promote all distribution platforms equally on Get the Games, and on launch we’ll be supporting Amazon, Apple, Epic Games Store,, Nintendo, PlayStation, Steam, and Xbox.

Get the Games is in ongoing development, and we’ll be sharing development updates on Twitter and here on our blog.

Now that you know a bit more about Get the Games, here’s our first monthly development blog!

These are the various areas of progress we've made in the past month on making Get the Games, for both player functionality and developers.

Player-Facing Features:

- Game search has been implemented, where, along with specific titles, players can look for tags, so they can find games that have elements they enjoy or are in genres they’ve enjoyed in the past.

- We’ve implemented a content warning system where players choose between a filtered, informed, or spoiler-free experience when looking for new games. We’re really excited to see what people think of this system!

- Two-factor (TOTP) authentication has been implemented for player account security.

Developer-Oriented Features:

- Game search has been implemented, allowing developers to include up to 30 tags on each of their games, improving discoverability and allowing players to quickly understand core game attributes at a glance.

- Two-factor (TOTP) authentication has been implemented for developer account security.

Studio Page–Specific Updates:

Studio pages are being designed as a hub where a developer can post their description, social media links, and various storefront purchasing options for their games. Here’s our work on these pages so far:

- Studios now have the ability to upload a logo and add a description to their own studio page.

- Social media links can also be added, with 21 available so far: Amazon, Apple, Discord, Epic Games, Facebook, Github, Instagram,, Nintendo, Patreon, PlayStation, Reddit, Snapchat, Spotify, Steam, Tiktok, Tumblr, Twitch, Twitter, Xbox, and YouTube.

- Capsule images for each game can be uploaded.

- Studios can also add release dates (or a special release text if they want to say “Winter 2022,” etc.).

How do our tags and content warning system work?


There are four types of tags: category, theme, feature, and accessibility. Developers can add up to 30 total tags to each game. Players will be able to use these tags to search for different aspects within the games.

Content Warning System

Each developer will have the ability to specify how prevalent a certain type of content is within a game, along with whether revealing the existence of that content is a “spoiler”.

Players will be able to indicate which types of content they want to see and filter within that system, as well as view all the content warnings for each game.

Things we’re working on next month:

-Implement studio and game management UIs

-Implement tags and content warnings in the game UI

-Implement advanced search UI

Here’s a first look at the Get the Games work-in-progress interface for both the Studio Page and a Game Page, using our own studio, Snowhaven Studios, as an example.

Studio Page work-in-progress example
Game Page work-in-progress example

To stay informed during our development, you can follow our Twitter where we post weekly updates on Fridays, and join our Get the Games newsletter where we’ll share out our development monthly updates on the first Friday of each month!